Studio Nine Music Licensing
For I Don't Know
What do you call love, for I don't know....
Lyrics Credits: Michael Nickolas/Carl Carter
Music Credits: M. Nickolas (ASCAP), C. Carter (ASCAP)
Producer Credits: Michael Nickolas/Carl Carter
Publisher Credits: Michael Nickolas Music (ASCAP) & Koots Music (ASCAP)
Performance Credits: Michael Nickolas and Carl Carter
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
Long Song Description:
Okay, this one clocks in at a whooping five minutes but I guess that's the way it goes with a spacey tune like this. Gotta love the delay heavy guitar solo somewhere in the middle ! Written and performed with Carl Carter.
Story Behind the Song:
Song Length: 5:09
Primary Genre: Electronic-Trip Hop
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Unrequited Love
Mood 1: Still
Mood 2: Moving
Language: English